This weeks updates in pumkee

So, yeah, this week I haven’t released any new updates to pumkee. Improvements are being made and new features created. They are just not ready to be released into the wild.

On that note there isn’t much to discuss but I do want to discuss something that I am working on integrating and some reason as to why I am.

And this is of course the latest hot topic in the world of software engineering, htmx.

As htmx says, “you can build modern user interfaces with simplicity” and I agree.

I have not been fond of the way applications have been built over the last few years. All javascript and not much else. We are limited to javascript for nice “feels” and interactive experiences and thats ok. But… I don’t think we need as much as we have. React, Vue, SolidJS, Next, Nuxt, the list is endless for the different Javascript frameworks which have turned websites/web apps in to beasts that take a lot of effort to manage for not a lot of gain.

We had the ability with jQuery to have interactive pages and forms that used ajax to send data to the server. Or we used something simple like PHP to modify the HTML before it was sent back to the user from the server.

It felt more organised, we didn’t have to rely on the user having a great device to build the web page, the server did it form them.

So with this in mind, pumkee will be built with minimal amounts of javascript and for any form interactions htmx will be used. The server will do the work so your device doesn’t have to.

Oh, and to add to it, all the code will be hand written like the old man you might think I am. :)

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